YS Jagan takes a key decision to solve land issues

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan has decided to take key decision about quick solution to land issues or land related issues. He has decided to continue special tribunals that would solve the issues at quicker pace.

Land grabbing, land related issues have been going to civil courts and district courts, high courts. With many cases in pending and piling up in the courts, Supreme Court has given permission for third party intervention for petty issues.

Government can officially solve these issues or form tribunals with retired judges or nominate people who have experience in these issues – constitutional, legal. The tribunals will have legal rights to mediate a solution. If they cannot solve it or if they find criminal intention behind the issues, then they have to refer it to court and police.

In Andhra Pradesh state there are many tribunals and Jagan has decided to continue them further. He said that these tribunals should be established in every mandal and area with sufficient powers, staff. This would help the common people to solve their land issues sooner than going to courts.

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