YS Jagan challenges TDP and Pawan Kalyan to win deposit

YSRCP conducted Plenary Meeting near Amaravati during 8th and 9th July. Leaders of the party elected CM Jagan as lifelong president of the party. YS Sharmila and YS Vijayamma have officially left the party but Jagan did not mention about them.

He thanked his party cadre and members for showing confidence in him, working with him. He challenged Telugu Desam Party members to at least win deposit in any constituency as he predicted that they will win all 175 assembly seats in 2024 elections.

He even challenged Pawan Kalyan to at least win in the elections. He said TDP and JSP should look to face him individually rather than coming as partners, if they really think they have any chance at winning. He said that he has been able to fulfill 95% of the promises they have made in the manifesto before 2019 elections.

He asked people to understand difference between a thief ruling them and his governance. He stated that he gave to people more than the economy could afford as he promised to take care of them in crisis. He called Nara Chandra Babu Naidu as a thief and stated that he brought lesser loans than what NCBN did in his term and concentrated on welfare much more than him.

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