Will Divya Vani join YSRCP after exiting TDP?

Actresses Kavitha, Divya Vani have been senior members of Telugu Desam Party and they have been expecting Rajya Sabha seats or MLC or MLA tickets. Divya Vani and Kavitha got women wing incharge posts but in recent Rajya Sabha seat distribution both did not get even mention.

Seems like this has upset Divya Vani, who once enjoyed great popularity as Bapu Bomma in films. She re-entered into films with Bapu’s Radhagopalam and then joined politics. She wanted to achieve as much as Roja did in terms of becoming a MLA, Minister.

Roja after winning in Nagari, quit TDP and joined YSRCP. She won again on YSRCP ticket and now, she has been given ministry. Both Kavitha and Divya Vani have expected their political trajectory to have such highs but they did not find so. Divya Vani in her press meet explained that she has been facing discrimination from TDP second grade leadership while Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, still remains her favourite and she respects him.

She shared that at Mahanadu, she has been disrespected and she has decided to express her dissatisfaction to NCBN but leaders under him did not allow her. Hence, she has decided to present her resignation. She has resigned to her party primary membership and all posts she has been holding. Experts say that she could join YSRCP soon.

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