WHO expresses concerns over new Omicron variants

World Health Organization Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom expressed concern over the growing Omicron variants found in South Africa. Even though the Covid-19 cases are decreasing around the world, still new variants to the virus are being found in various countries.

The spread of new variants could cause another global pandemic and hence, Director General of WHO asked the nations to continue their restrictive measures on International travel to curtail the new variants spread. He expressed major concern on the rise in cases involving Omicron sub-variants like BA.4 and BA.5. Already the number of cases infected by sub-variant BA.2 are increasing in South Africa.

On the other hand, the good news is that Covid-19 cases have come down globally to 15,000 and that is equivalent to the number of infections in the starting stages of the spread. China started more severe health check-ups in their country fearing the spread of new variants.

As the experts expect another wave of Covid-19 cases in this year, major number of health experts are asking people to practice the social distancing measures and are advising people to get fully vaccinated.

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