WhatsApp to not work with some iPhones!

At one point of time, it used to be hard to contact someone even a mile away from us. We had to walk or travel in some vehicle to that person. Letters and other modes of communication available back then either delayed the message or never reached to the person of interest.

Phones have made the communication easy and now, WhatsApp became a must in our day-to-day life. Even working professionals use it to create groups and share details. If you need some documents or photos or even tell your heartfelt feelings, being active and available on the chat app accomplishes you everything.

If one day, you have to stay without WhatsApp, things will get tough and for someone depressing too. Few iPhone users might have to face such situation from 24th October, this year. WhatsApp has decided to complete integrate with iOS 12 and higher versions.

That means it won’t work with iOS 10, iOS 11 versions. If you are an Apple iPhone user check and upgrade your OS immediately. Otherwise you might miss WhatsApp University classes and real informative interactions, funny memes, important life updates of friends, family and chit-chats with significant others.

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