What is Brahmastra? Watch the movie team’s Vision!

Brahmastra movie is releasing on 9th September, 2022. Movie has been in production from past five years and director Ayan Mukherjee, post Ye Jaawani Hai Deewani worked on this film for 9 years. He had the concept way back in 2013 and discussed the possibilities of making it into a film with Karan Johar, the producer and finally, after 5 delays, is ready to bring the first part.

In the video, he explained the idea behind creating a secret society, Brahmansh, that guards the astras. How come this came into existence also been said by the director. Looks like rather than hoping that people will understand the complex mythology imbibed into the story while watching the film, they have revealed the basis of the story beforehand.

This might people those who keep up with the content released from the movies to get acquainted by the story and involve in the visual grammar of the film. Nagarjuna Akkineni, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone (rumored) will be seen in important cameos or characters as Astra wielders in this Astraverse introduction movie.

Ranbir Kapoor is playing Shiva, who is an astra himself. This story is based on his journey to identify himself and save Brahmastra from the evil society who wants to use it for their selfish means.

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