Vishwak Sen is asked to get out from TV Studio!

Actor Vishwak Sen became popular actor with Falaknuma Das. Hit: First Case is also a hit for him. But his Paagal became a disaster and he is looking to make a strong comeback with Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam. The movie is releasing on 6th May.

He performed a prank on the highway and advocate Arun Kumar filed a case on him for creating nuisance in HRC. For a debate, he is invited to a TV Studio and had a heated argument with the News Anchor at a TV Studio. He asked her to not call him Paagal Sen and a depressed person, she asked him to get out from her studio.

Vishwak Sen wanted to promote his film and find audiences. The movie songs did not become huge hit and he performed a prank to start viral marketing. But the prank involved a young boy falling in front of his car and pretending to commit suicide. Hence, an advocate decided to file case against such activities.

The actor and anchor had a heated argument about her calling him Paagal Sen. He got hurt by it and then asked her to never call him that. She took it hard and asked him to Get out. Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam has Rukshar Dhillion as the lady lead and these activities seem to increase buzz for the film.

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