Virat Kohli says he has seen it all now in cricket

Sachin Tendulkar became a sensation in early 90’s after becoming opening batsman in ODIs and he continued to dominate world class bowlers and show aggression even in Tests. He became God for cricket lovers in India due to his performances in late 90’s and “Desert Storm” match in UAE against Australia is still remembered by Indian cricket fans from 90’s. But he faced dip in form in early 2000’s due to tennis elbow and to get out of the rut, he played down the batting order and even in entire innings, gave up playing his trademark straight drive, cover drive.

He never got out golden duck in a row in one tournament and looking at what Virat Kohli is going through, one cannot even imagine what would have been social media reaction had Sachin went through such phase.

Virat Kohli talking to press said that he had seen it all now. The modern era legend in Indian Cricket who has set an unsurmountable record as most successful Test captain ever for India, gave up his captaincy to concentrate on his dipping batting form. He thought about giving up White ball captaincy and IPL franchise RCB skipper roles only but he had to give up even Test captaincy. What everyone expected in IPL 2022 season is a Virat performing with vengeance to shut his naysayers but the cricketer is struggling and he has recorded 4 golden ducks in this tournament.

The cricketer said that he laughed out of agony and never in his cricketing career he faced such a situation. Hence, he couldn’t help but laugh. In cricket, he feels like he has seen it all now, the highs of scoring 4 hundreds and 950 runs in one season of IPL and five ducks in one season, that too 4 golden ducks, that is first ball out. He said that he is looking at this phase of life in a new way and he wants to come out on top of it.

He said that he doesn’t believe in chatter about him being finished because of one tournament or the tough phase. He is taking it all in his stride and hoping to reverse the fortunes in time, before Cricket World Cup starts.

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