Virat Kohli dances to Pushpa tunes

Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli found huge fame due to his kind of fiery attitude on the cricket field. His batting style and consistent made him fan favorite. But he has a very explicit personality and he doesn’t shy away from showing emotions. Hence, we have seen him dancing many times but this is different.

Virat Kohli is going through the lowest phase in his life like never before. Many of his supporters are also very sad to see him in such bad phase. Personal life wise he is happy with his family but somehow his concentration at the cricket field, mainly while batting has gone down drastically. Work load seems to be causing more stress for him than he can handle.

He has been posting images of him working over time in Nets. Those photos are breaking hearts of his fans as they are waiting for him to make a huge comeback. Anyways, in this kind of a low phase, it gives you happiness to see a legendary cricketer like Virat dancing and enjoying.

He danced at a private event with Shabaz Ahmed, Young RCB player. The most interesting part for a Telugu movie lover is that he danced to Pushpa tune, Oo Antava Mava Ooo Antava mava. This is great gift for Pushpa film and also for Samantha on her birthday, don’t you think so too?

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