Viral Video: Ilaiyaraaja composes Stranger Things Theme

With age people lose grip on their senses and even the best of the bests tend to fall prey to aging and time. Only few manage to overpower the limitations of age and Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja has been proving to be one of them. He won National Award even at the age of 70 for his BGM and he proved that age is not a limit for him once again.

He scored theme of Global sensation Stranger Things web-series for its Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions release on NETFLIX. The streaming giant shared the video in a creative manner and the concept will definitely win over you.

His additions to the popular score and replication of exact theme, will awestruck you. He has been gobsmacking many with his talent since he debuted and NETFLIX could not resist to use him to score for the popularity of their series in local South Indian regional languages.

From 27th May, Stranger Things is going to stream on the OTT platform in Tamil and Telugu. The fourth season of the massive hit is going to release in two sets, first set of five episodes on 27th May and second set on 1st July, 2022. After Money Heist, Netflix is banking this series to deliver them big numbers in subscriptions and viewers.

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