Viral Video: A girl cooks steak on moving Car Engine

We normally see people doing funny, strange and weird things to get some attention. Some do it just for the fun of it as they feel lonely. Some do it to get the eyes of people on them to show that they can be as weird as anyone can be.

A woman from Las Vegas gathered huge amount of attention on Social media, Twitter by posting a video of her cooking steak on the Mini Cooper engine. She had wrapped the fresh steak inside a silver sheet and added salt, pepper to it.

Then placed the steak on the engine, closed the bonnet and then drove on the Las Vegas roads at 10 MPH and 9 MPH speeds. After 38 minutes, the steak has been cooked medium rare. She had to cook it completely inside the home.

But the video has gone viral with more than 22k Retweets and 2.7k QRTs with 62.8 k likes. Just for her audacity to test it out and use her car as microwave oven or wooden stove, we need to just give it a watch.

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