Viral Video: A car that can be a table and a bed!

Have you ever felt your car can be your study table, dinner table and night bed all at once? Like we are travelling in a airplane, what if without buying a van or bus or vanity van, we acquire all those features in regular size SUV?

Chinese have come up with such a design. The car has every special feature you would like to have in a car and then extra like mini-TV, seats that can be converted to bed, removable hand table, movable seats, remote controlled sets and seats that can be converted to lounge chairs.

The demonstration by a representative in this video has shocked many on Internet and it has gone viral. the kind of sophistication that designers and engineers have achieved blows your mind. If this car doesn’t loose the balance and has resistance to bumps and sails smoothly road along with all these features, may be next generation will just need to buy parking lots than plots for homes and apartments which are growing infinitely every day.

The details about the car are skeptical at this moment. It is not from Mercedes Benz but from a Chinese company who have developing this design for SUVs.

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