Viral Tweet: This IAS officer did not even score 40%!

We always hear to people around us who bring us down or try to say that we cannot do something or achieve anything. Some people’s intentions are noble and friendly. But some just want to see you suffer and enjoy. You just have to motivate yourself and keep belief going in your abilities.

Awanish Sharan an IAS officer from Chhattisgarh shared this image of his colleague who secured only 35 marks in English, 36 marks in Maths and 38 in Science. His name is Tushar Sumera.

These are the marks that Tushar secured in his tenth standard and he did not give up on himself. After looking at how some of the students reacted post tenth results released by AP and Telangana states, parents should try to tell these kind of motivation stories than just asking them to follow Tik Tok celebrity or some random video that went viral.

Even though that is not entirely wrong, people should never be discouraged rather encouraged to fulfill and reach their full potential in life. Many told Tushar that he cannot achieve anything. But he believed that he can and became an IAS officer or Collector to be simple. Now, just think about yourself and your journey before giving up.

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