Viral News: Indigo staff again found uncourteous

Indigo Airlines Staff have been one of the most uncourteous, arrogant, less qualified than other airlines staff. One gets this impression as recently Pooja Hegde reported that one of their staff members has been uninformed, arrogant and abusive towards her.

Another specially abled child has been denied entry into the flight by a staff member. Now, a father complained on Twitter that Indigo denied food his hungry 6 year old kid. He said that he requested them to give anything to eat and he will even pay too.

But they replied that they serve corporate clients first. Even they did not return to serve her after several requests throughout the flight reported the father. This tweet has gone viral and DGCA could take this as suo moto complaint and act accordingly. The company could face huge penalty and compensation for their lack of courtesy, again.

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