Viral News: Foreign rape victim and desi “cheater” wife

Viral News segment is the crime news stories segment that will deal with shocking stories like rape victims, cheating stories and some weird ones.

Today in this segment. we have one highly disgusting story for you. A middle-aged foreign lady has been raped in the name of performing massage at Panjim beach, Goa. Local guy named Vincent De Souza asked a Britain woman for massage and she accepted.

In front of her boyfriend, he forced himself on her and she later revealed about the incident to her family. They have registered complaint with Indian Embassy and from there she was asked to lodge complaint against Vincent. Police arrested him in one hour.

In the second news story, a housewife from Chotuppal asked her boyfriend to steal in her home. She gave him keys to steal her in-laws jewelry. They both stole one lakh rupees jewelry and decided to run away later. In-laws complained to police and in the investigation, the lovers pleaded guilty. Her husband has filed for divorce from her.

Now a very weird news story. Sher Mohammad has cut off right hand of his wife, Renu Khatan. Reason – she got a government job in West Bengal. She was working as a nurse in local private nursing home. She passed out in Government examination and got the job as nurse in a GH. Unable to take her success and fearing that she would leave him, he cut off her hand. She had been shifted to a local hospital and doctors operated, removed her hand. She is recovering now.

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