Viral Marriage News: UP Bride refuses and AP Groom dies

After reading the title, you might have felt that UP state bride refused a AP groom and he died. Before you launch an uninformed Internet attack, these two incidents are different and are in no way connected. This is a news roundup of marriages in India as parents are adamant on arranged set-up and what has to be a memorable occasion has become news headlines in some cases. We are compiling them here and presenting them to you as one item for you ease to read.

In Uttar Pradesh, a bride refused to marry a groom on the wedding day, as his wig fell off during the rituals. She walked out of the mandap and rejected to marry the groom. The news has become viral and both the families are fighting over the issue, still.

In an unrelated yet another marriage event, groom suddenly collapsed on the mandap. Parents of the bride, decided to get her married on the same muhurat and found another groom instantly and got her married to him, like in Muthyala Muggu kind of films. Some times real life is more filmy than films.

Well, a bride collapsed and died during her wedding day few days ago in Vizag. The truth behind her death has come out. Police revealed that she was in love with a boy for 8 years and as he couldn’t marry her to stop marriage she ate poison but did not know the dosage to revive herself. She died fighting for life on the hospital bed.

All these incidents point to one thing, our marriage system needs some reforms soon. May be not every marriage event has been reporting such incidents but truth cannot be hidden, most arranged marriages have been turning out into compromises. Proper background check-up has been missing and if love affairs of bride or groom come out unannounced a event that needs to be private, happy memory turns out into news for world. We did not use names to save some dignity of privacy but you can find names on Internet of the people involved in the above mentioned incidents on Internet.

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