Viral Marriage News: Mutton Biryani cancels wedding!

In Viral Marriage News today, we are going to meet a family from Salem, Tamil Nadu that crossed all the limits in finding a reason to cancel wedding. Generally, weddings are performed to complete rituals that unite two strangers or two lovers in front of families, friends, relatives and public. This is done to not show off wealth of the families involved but to tell to world that these two individuals are entering into marriage and that too with all rituals being performed.

But these rituals and wedding events have become means to show off for families. Groom parents started asking dowry from bride family and other forms of gifts that break the back of bride’s family. On the other hand, Groom’s family too spend heavily on reception, sangeeth and other events.

All these just show off someone’s wealth to world but don’t guarantee two people being together forever. In Tamil Nadu, a family cancelled wedding because they couldn’t serve Mutton Biryani to guests. The family ordered 3000 kilos of mutton and Zomato served it to them from Bangalore.

But Mutton delivered was found to be spoilt and they had to throw it away. Family informed guests that they will conduct wedding in near future. They have failed cases on Zomato and the company that sent them mutton. It is unbelievable to even imagine someone cancelling wedding for any reason but this just tops all kinds of reasons. Tomorrow, someone might cancel wedding because bride did not like Henna used for her hand. Or even someone might cancel because in “Shoe stealing” ceremony shoes were dirty and sister-in-law threw them away.

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