Viral Crime News: Father kills his own daughter

Fathers generally be doting towards their daughters. “Dad’s Little Princess” is what most girls tend to call themselves these days. But one father out of panic and blind beliefs, killed his own daughter.

This incident happened in Athmakur, Nellore District. One man, named Venu, lost his fortune in Proclainer business. He thought that some kind of Doshas are in his kundali or horoscope and his daughter has been a victim of “Chetabadi”. He immediately sought for some remedy and did a ritual that is normal in these kind of blinded beliefs.

He tried to impress a goddess to remove the evil shadow from his daughter’s body. He convinced his wife and both took their young daughter of 3 years age and in their worship room and in front of devotees photos poured turmeric water on his young kid, even though she had been pleading them to stop by then.

He took kumkum and threw it in her throat. She couldn’t breathe due to this and started screaming. For some time, the neighbors couldn’t understand. Once they figured out, they ran into the house and moved the couple away. Took the young kid to a nearby hospital, then to Nellore city and from there to Chennai. Still, they couldn’t save her. Venu has been arrested by Police.

Now, if someone still believes in evil shadows, blind beliefs, Tantric studies then please stop their madness. It cannot spread up so much to kill kids.

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