Vijayawada: Swiggy boys protest against the company

Swiggy, Zomato have become Food Delivery Giants in India. They have extended their services to all metropolitan cities and even to remote towns, most rural areas. They are recruiting as many people as they can to improve their serviceable areas and delivery regularity.

But the company has decided to go Ola, Uber route and decrease the incentives they offer to the delivery boys. The taxi service providers used to give incentives to the drivers when they started later they have started decreasing the amounts. Now, they offer incentives but in a very selected manner.

Swiggy decided to decrease incentives to delivery boys by 50% and this caused for an uproar in them. In Vijayawada, the Swiggy Delivery boys came together and protested against the company policies to decrease incentives and increase work load.

Delivery boys demanded the company to continue old incentive system as they won’t even get Rs.270 per day after long working hours. They want the company to give them fuel incentive like they used too. Company answer to the protest is awaited.

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