Vijayawada Player Akash stabbed to death case updates

At Gurunanak Colony in Vijayawada, a football player Akash is found murdered and he has been stabbed to death. DCP Joshua revealed the facts in the case and told to media that total eleven suspects have been arrested.

The accused have planned the murder and invited Akash to a friend’s room. At the bachelor room, they all attacked him and one of them carried a knife. Friends used the knife to stab him and then he died succumbing to the wounds.

DCP explained that Akash had four cases and his enemy Prabha had one case on him registered in the police station. Prabha and Akash have been enemies from a long time. Prabha gang decided to kill Akash and took one of his friend’s help. They invited him to a bachelor room and then attacked him all at once.

As he got stabbed first, he couldn’t respond to the hits and then succumbed to the wounds to death. All eleven have been traced, tracked and arrested. Rowdy sheet will be opened on all of them and they will be presented in front of magistrate soon.

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