US public demand stronger GUN Laws after Texas shooting

GUN Control in USA has become a joke. Unstable teenagers, psychos, kids without any maturity can take up a gun and buy one too. In some states, it is legal to buy guns in bulk and Texas is one among them. The state allows and encourages citizens to buy and own guns.

Gun lobby in USA has been very strong and has political help with Republican party openly supporting them. Democrats have been fighting opposite them to bring in stronger laws but never could they pass their laws through senate as either Republicans strong in one house or the other.

It is not just Republicans but most politicians fear losing funds that Gun lobby can give them to promote their agenda. By hook or crook, NSA has been able to control GUN laws in the USA and that has become a problem to sort out immediately. At Texas, Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, a teenage shot at kids with gun and he killed 21 before he was gunned down by police officials. He murdered 19 kids and 2 adults.

US President, Joe Biden, furiously called for negating the influence of Gun lobby and those who oppose stronger Gun laws. Public of USA on Twitter reacted to the incident furiously and asked politicians to resign if they cannot bring Gun Control in the country. International public on Twitter expressed disbelief and criticized US Governments for making mass shootings a routine.

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