US Green Cards process to be fastened?

USA has been termed as “Land of Opportunities” and “Land of Dreams”. It is tough to make your dreams come true elsewhere but US has an economy and policies that will help you to realise your dreams provided you are talented, smart, hardworking and have business sense. Even if you are just looking to settle down there as an employee or as some kind of daily wages worker, you need permanent residency permission, that is a green card.

Before you apply for citizenship, you need to get a Green Card, to stay in US and continue your chase of dreams. President Biden appointed a panel to give White House recommendations about Immigration policies. Panel Head, Ajay Jain, handed over recommendations that panel, consisting of 25 members, unanimously agreed on.

Panel recommended USIS to finish the green card issue process in six months and bring down other HIB Visa extension, spousal visa process and many other immigrant friendly visa documentation process time limit down to three months. Panel suggested that USIS should concentrate on fast and effective process than continuing old style operations that are drawn in 1990’s.

Well, if White House accepts these recommendations and look to bring them into action, then many immigrants who are waiting for Green Card to fast forward their life dreams or to even stay back in the country, will get a great boost.

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