Upasana Konidela enjoyed RRR premiere show like anything

Probably, it’s the first time for Upasana Konidela to enjoy the madness of benefit shows. Yesterday, she watched RRR along with her Charan and friends at Brahmaramba theater, Kukatpally.

Upasana Konidela enjoyed the premiere show hungama like anything. She also hooted and throwed the paper cuts on RRR screen along with Mega fans. Upasana jumped, hooted like a small kid. The joy in her face revealed the excitement and jubilation that she was going through at those particular moments.

During promotions, Ram Charan revealed his interest to witness the euphoria of RRR with fans in theaters. He came to Brahmaramba along with Upasana, and Rajamouli and enjoyed the excitement to the core. 

Tarak watched the RRR special show with his family members and friends at AMB Cinemas. 

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