UP: New opinion poll suggests SP can give BJP sleepless nights 

A new opinion poll by Jan Ki Baat has said that the Samajwadi Party has closed the vote-share gap with the BJP in Uttar Pradesh ahead of the Assembly elections. At one point, the gap was about 8-10%. It has now come down to 3% or so, if the poll is anything to go by.

SP, as the Jan Ki Baat poll, will poll 38-39% vote-share. This will be the best figure in SP’s political life if it happens. That’s why most political analysts are finding it hard to take the poll seriously. Even in Mulayam Singh’s best phase, SP couldn’t get this figure. 

In terms of seats, SP will win not more than 165 seats, Jan Ki Baat says. However, BJP’s tally won’t go down below 223 seats. This is good news for the ruling party. 

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