Unstoppable With NBK features in IMDB’s Top 10

Legend Nandamuri Balakrishna became a sensation on small screens with his infectious smile and energy. He added magic to baap of all the talk shows, ‘Unstoppable With NBK’ with his energy.

So far, 7-8 episodes have been streamed. Normally, everyone wants these type of talk shows to know more about the celebrity guests. But people are watching more to witness the charm of Balayya than to know about their favourite celebrity guests.

With his aura, Balayya put Unstoppable With NBK on top and became the top talk shows down south. Now, this talk show has been featured in the IMDB top-10 list.

With 9.2 IMDB ratings, Unstoppable With NBK became the top five reality show in India as per the craze. Balayya made a blockbuster entry on the OTT platform with this talk show.

Balayya became an asset for Aha with the ‘Unstoppable With NBK’ show for hundreds of subscriptions.


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