Undavalli: Polavaram will never be completed

Undavalli Arun Kumar is known for his sensational press meets where he exposed and alleged secrets of some of the well-known personalities. He stopped appearing as frequently as he used earlier. He organized a press meet and commented about Polavaram Project and BJP.

He expressed his displeasure about Congress MPs joining BJP, even the senior cadre. He commented that BJP is spreading hate based on community and communal politics is bad for the nation. He further stated that he would never recommend anyone to join in BJP knowing about their ideology well.

He then blasted YSRCP government and commented that it is ruling similarly like TDP and he finds no difference. He expressed dissatisfaction about YSRCP not handing over Polavaram Project to Center and said that he came to a conclusion that Polavaram will never be completed. Recently, irrigation Minister of AP said that they cannot give a fixed date for completion of Polavaram project.

He quoted them and said he appreciate such honesty. He further stated that YSRCP should have handed over project to center and now they have pay huge compensation and state lacks such funds. He expressed exhaustion over conducting press meets and said that he doesn’t find any need to talk to press as YSRCP members don’t take him seriously.

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