Uma Bharathi throws cow dung on a liquor shop

Uma Bharathi has decided to push for her Ramarajya manifesto in Madhya Pradesh State. She worked as Chief Minister for BJP government earlier in the state and now as former Chief Minister, her activity has been slightly controversial.

She threw stones at a liquor shop in March that video has gone viral. She has been asked to cut down on violent protests by even her Party heads. Now, she posted a video showing that she threw cow dung this time and not stones on a liquor shop in Orchha town in Madhya Pradesh.

She tweeted the video and said that she wanted to show how people are against such acts of few vendors who are anti-sentiment. She said that she acted upon the insistence of people as they did not wish for such a shop to be open during Sri Rama Navami festivities. She said such acts should be condemned and she did the same taking pure cow dung to show her protest. She expressed dissatisfaction for the shop to be still open even after her and people protests.

Orchha police station incharge Abhay Singh said that the liquor shop is in permitted grounds and they cannot take any action.

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