Twitter to take legal action against Elon Musk

Multi-billionaire Elon Musk took Internet and business world by storm when he announced 44 Billion USD deal to buy Twitter after being part of the board. His deal made Twitter more financially free and independent. But Musk did not agree with the spam accounts date submitted by the organisation.

He objected to the number being quoted less than 5% of total accounts. And stated that Twitter should not hide the details before acquisition. He publicly stated that he has doubts about the Twitter not being open to share the real data and kept the deal on hold.

On 8th July, he announced that he has canceled the deal. He doesn’t wish to proceed forward with this deal as Twitter violated the deal conditions and it is as transparent as they have agreed to be with him before the deal proposal.

Now, Twitter management has put forth in the board their decision to take legal action against Elon Musk for damaging the company reputation and pulling out from the deal after pursuing it for months. Soon, Twitter might try to claim damages in the court against Elon Musk for his statements against them and for all the public humiliation, confirm various news sources in USA.

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