Trailer Impressions: Naga Chaitanya’s Thank You – Feels

Vikram Kumar has a way of creating magic on screen. He did it with his films like Manam, Ishq, 13B and to an extent with Hello, 24. He failed to leave an impression with Nani’s Gang Leader. 24 and Hello not being commercial hits has send him down searching for options to begin films with youngsters.

He is back to working with Naga Chaitanya Akkineni after Manam. People would be expecting nothing short of similar feel good film from the duo. He has come up with a story that talks about a man after reaching the pinnacle of success, reaching out to his roots again.

Naga Chaitanya has developed good skills as an actor from his earlier days as he is able to carry off this heavy role with different shades with ease. PC Sreeram visuals add richness to this one. Just the story feels like Premam meets Maharshi. We have to wait and see how Vikram Kumar overcomes any deja vu of watching something similar to them and deliver an unique film like he did with Ishq.

Movie seems to be more about Naga Chaitanya than other characters. While songs from SS Thaman did not click as much as the team would have anticipated, the BGM for the theatrical trailer worked out really well. Overall, the trailer cut is good and it leaves you with feels as the Insta generation would say. Movie is releasing on 22nd July.

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