Tollywood: Is there an end to camp wars?

On Thursday, Dr. Mohan Babu reportedly said that two actors are behind getting him trolled by an army of one hundred trolls. The senior actor believes that paid trolls are attacking him and his son Manchu Vishnu across social media platforms. 

The allegation reminds one of the politicians accusing their rivals of orchestrating organized trolling. Truly, Mohan Babu’s allegation is extraordinary. We have to see how far the issue will be taken ahead in the coming months. Mohan Babu said that he knows who are the actors. 

The question is, is there an end to all this? Last year, MAA’s elections were contested bitterly by Vishnu Manchu and Prakash Raj. The former won and the latter lost. It seems the aftereffects of the contest haven’t faded away completely.

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