To Patafy your valentine, follow these three tips of Balayya

Legend, Nandamuri Balakrishna has not only conquered the box office with Akhanda but also OTT platform space with the talk show, ‘Unstoppable With NBK’. Balayya’s talk rated top on IMBD across India.

It was known that this talk show was wrapped with Superstar Mahesh’ episode on 4th February. By keeping Valentine’s day in mind, Aha team has smartly got some tips from Nandamuri handsome to impress lady love’.

In the first tip, he suggested everyone watch Pushpa special unstoppable episode. In that episode, Balayya flirted Rashmika like anything with Kannada poetry etc., Yes, it is better to watch. Balayya shows peaks in flirtation.

In the second tip, the Akhanda actor suggested praising them. Coming to the final tip, he advised not to hurt the beautiful ladies whatever and whichever they do. And apparently, they will be clean bowled.

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