This cricketer proves that Old is Gold!

Some cricketers break into International scene early, some get their turn later and several never. Only few tend to never retire and keep playing the game of cricket, no matter at club level or at First Class level. Darren Stevens proves to be one such person.

When we read about achievers, we tend to get inspired but at times, we tend to compare our lives to theirs and tend to feel low. At such times, we need to look those that never give up and show resilience of highest quality.

Darren Stevens, Kent cricketer, scored massive 168 off just 142 balls against Sri Lanka’s Development XI. The interesting point here is he is 46 years old and he has signed a one more year contract for Kent to play for the club in 2022. He has been their best T20 player and dependable all rounder.

A look into his stats show us that he has been a consistent all rounder his county clubs. He scored 16,482 runs at an average of 34.99 and took 586 wickets at an average of 24.59. Normally, seam bowling all-rounders don’t last for years as seam bowling demands high level of fitness. Darren Stevens is able to keep himself for years and he forced himself into the side even though they have kept him aside for three years.

When we see such people, rather than comparing ourselves, it would be better to learn from them. Let’s be positive and be more inspired to lead a happy life with all the opportunities we could secure.

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