They were demanding to boycott the RRR movie!

Just two days before the release of India’s biggest multistarrer RRR, there have been tweets poured in on social media to boycott this movie. The Kannada movie lovers have been demanding to boycott RRR in the state because the movie will not  be released in Kannada version in majority of the screens.

Especially in Bangalore. Hardly a Kannada show in all theaters in the city.  During Pushpa release also, the same type of trend was done by Kannadigas. The Kannada movie lovers shared the video of Superstar Shivanna requesting the RRR team to release the movie in Kannada and tweeted the team RRR had broken the promise. 

Some Kannadigas shared that they won’t watch RRR even on OTT and TV.  Telugu movie lovers and fans have reacted with the same force to Kannada brothers. They responded that it was not the mistake of the RRR team and it was the responsibility of the Kannada distributor. 

Some say based on the demand only Kannada distributor was releasing RRR in other languages than in Kannada and many Kannadigas love to watch in Telugu. So don’t spread hatred and if you want make a trend “#WeWantRRRinKannada” instead of “BoycottRRRinKarnataka’.

Some Telugu movie lovers warned of a similar trend that KGF 2 was releasing in Telugu states. But some Kannada and Telugu brothers requested to stop this hatred and it’s time to show the power of the south to the world with KGF 2 and RRR.

In recent years, both Baahubali and KGF made the entire nation turn towards the south and erased the regional barriers. And taught some so-called national critics about the content and opened their eyes that Hindi cinema was not the Indian cinema. It was a fact that north critics belittled south films. The truth was the South delivered more great films than Hindi. And made films on all genres whereas Hindi limited to drugs, imperfect relationships, mafia, s*x etc.,

That’s why the people in urban and rural areas of North India love south movies and do not show any interest in Hindi movies.

In the times of the south excelling in the entertainment industry and erasing barriers, these types of trends are not all healthy. And it was the decision of the concerned producer to release the movie in which language depends on the demand.

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