These are the remunerations for both Ram Charan and NTR in RRR!

Maverick director Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and NTR’s RRR will hit the box office in a few hours. And for the movie, Tarak and Charan have been dedicated to Rajamouli’s vision for almost four years.

Now, there have been speculations viral on social media regarding the remunerations of these two superstars. If those are believed to be true, NTR and Charan took 50cr each for the RRR movie.

Besides, there is an interesting speculation over Rajamouli too. The producer gave 80cr for Rajamouli and his family. And Rajamouli also has a 30% share in profits.  Regarding this, there is no official confirmation.

RRR releases tomorrow across the globe in multiple languages.

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