Tesla loses 400 Billion valuation

Tesla has grown into an automobile giant when it’s valued as 1 Trillion Dollar company and Elon Musk, CEO and founder of the company became richest man. But his antics have been ruining his own company.

Recently, a flight attendant alleged that he sexually harassed her and his ambitious company, SpaceX has settled with her by paying USD 250,000. Musk has denied the allegations and challenged the flight attendant’s friend who anonymously revealed to a newspaper about the harassment, by terming her a liar. He challenged her to name any tattoos or scars on his body.

He later said that he doesn’t spend all his time on Twitter acquisition and Tesla is on his mind 24/7, answering to a Meme, ironically on Twitter. NY Times reported that Tesla lost USD 400 Billion valuation in stock markets.

He later announced that Tesla is building a hardcore litigation department that will directly report to him.

Well, experts say that these antics of Elon Musk are affecting Tesla’s reputation and competitors are gaining market value with new innovations while the company did not release a new model that captures the imagination of car buyers. If Tesla brand weakens Elon Musk’s Batman-ish Tech giant image too will vanish soon.

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