Telugu States: Man Adultery victim and Girl Rape Victim

Two ironically different yet similar topic news reports have caught headlines on same day about two victims from Telugu states. One has become routine these days with girls or women being sexually harassed or raped by men. A ninth grade girl student from Guntur Andhra Pradesh got raped and the perpetrators are arrested, immediately.

The two men chased this young girl for days and finally cornered her and raped her. She has been shifted to local government hospital for tests and recovery. Police have filed cases on them for harassment.

In Telangana quite contrast incident grabbed eyeballs. A married woman decided to cheat on her husband with her lover. She took a house for rent in the city with her lover, claiming that he is her husband. Her husband returned suddenly from duty and she got caught red-handed involved in sexual activity.

Husband is a military man and he locked the door immediately as proof against his wife. He filed case at the Police Station against his wife for cheating him. Police investigation is going on.

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