Telugu Producers ask for Rs.150 ticket rate

Telugu Film Producers Council has conducted a meeting on 26th July. After they met with Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce heads and various union heads, they have decided to conduct this meeting to discuss about their next plans.

Chamber of Commerce will take the final call on Shootings Strike (Bandh) from 1st August. Telugu Films Producers Council doesn’t want to take a separate decision on this Strike. They have confirmed that the Telugu films will release on OTT platforms only after 4 weeks of release.

Films produced with a budget over Rs.6 crores will release after 4 weeks. Big Budget, star hero films will only release after ten weeks. About the ticket rates, TFPC has come up with new proposal that Rs.125 and Rs.150 ticket rates should be highest at Multiplexes.

C-class theatres and Towns, Villages should have rates Rs.70 and Rs.100. If any film needs to keep prices above this, they should discuss with the TFPC and take a decision by submitting the details about why they want that high price. TFPC has taken these decisions and proposed the rates as high remunerations and low collections at the theatres for many medium budget films, recently.

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