Telugu Producers and Chamber support Dil Raju

Telugu Film Industry has become one of the biggest industries in Indian Cinema. With RRR, Pushpa kind of hits, people are looking forward to watch well-made Telugu movies with stars. But in Telugu states, movies have failed to connect with audiences worldwide.

Hence, producers have decided to find solutions to the current crisis by addressing issues like low collections, low audience turnout, wage hikes, high remunerations for stars and OTT window. Few producers are unhappy with this decision and they have targeted Dil Raju for this.

Also, his Varisu film shooting going on as per schedule also created lot of confusion. Dil Raju stated that he stopped shooting of all Telugu films. C. Kalyan, speaking on behalf of Telugu Chamber of Commerce, gave full support to Dil Raju. He stated that Chamber understood the situation is urgent and hence stopped the shoots. In 8-10 days, he hoped to find solutions as committees have been formed to address each issue separately and in detail.

Dil Raju asked press to not promote gossips, unconfirmed rumors about him. He reaffirmed that the Telugu producers have stopped shoots and he is one of them. He explained that four committees have been formed to discuss about the issues like – VPF, Percentages with Theatre owners which will also look ticket prices.

Another committee will look into daily wages, wages of workers, remunerations. Third committee will discuss about the OTT window and impact of the OTT streaming on theatrical releases. Fourth committee will discuss about the prevailing other issues. All of them will meet in coming days with all detailed reports.

Producers will be given the copies and everyone can put their version based on them. Dil Raju has confirmed that he has no issues with anyone. Manchu Vishnu, earlier in the day met the producer and asked him to cast more MAA artists in his films and encourage new ones to join the association.

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