Telugu Film Workers strike: Demand pay revision

Telugu Film Federation takes care of the issues that are brought in front of them by Unions of various crafts. Movie Artists Association, Telugu Film Producers Council, Film Chamber of Commerce work in tandem with the federation. Writers Association, Directors Association, Cinematographers Association like this the higher pay scale technicians have their own associations while workers who are payed on daily basis like Lightmen, Cleaners, Production Boys, Fighters, Dancers, Junior Artists have unions.

The Chamber of Commerce and Producers’ Council agree to Federation submissions on behalf of various unions. From 2020, Federation has been asking for pay revision and producers have asked unions to understand how hard it has become for them to launch a production with Covid-19 guidelines and risks involved with infections.

In 2021, Federation has asked Unions to wait for the film productions to open up in full scale or for the industry to function normally. They have been patient and now, the Covid-19 scare has become manageable. Governments have come up with vaccinations and even if cases are on rise, most of the governments are seeking to conduct vaccination drives rather than going for lockdowns as they will have even higher financial implications.

Hence, unions have been asking from past 6 months for pay revision but Producers Council did not respond. Now, Federation and Unions have announced strike. They will only continue working after pay revision is announced. Here is a table to understand their daily payments as off today and their demanded hike. Telangana Cinematography Minister, Talasani Srinivas Yadav has asked Union Leaders and representatives to come to his residence for resolution. He asked media to be present for his media briefing about the same.

Type of job Payment per day (in Rs.) Demanded Hike (in Rs.)
Cleaners, Production boys 1145 1488
On Sundays/Holidays 2290 2977
Drivers 1055 1362
On Sundays/Holidays 2110 2743
Lightmen 1100 1440
On Sundays/Holidays 2200 2860
Fighters 3265 4244
Dancers 2800 3640
The original pay for daily workers in Cinema and their demanded hike

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