Telangana Rains: CM KCR advices homestay for now!

Telangana State has been receiving continuous rainfall from Thursday evening. Several regions in the state have already received more rainfall than they normally do in the entire season. As the weather department predicted more rains and that too at high levels, CM KCR called for a review meeting with the officials.

He pointed out to ministers that the low lying areas would require immediate attention and asked them to review situation daily through tele-conferences, video conferences and be available to public. He asked officers to take closer look at the water levels in the tanks, rivers.

At places that require rehabilitation of people, he asked them to immediately start making arrangements and shift the public to safety. He asked officers to submit him daily reports and he said that he would be monitoring the operations closely.

He advised public to not come out of their homes unless it is highly required. He asked them to not take risk for few days. Government of Telangana postponed the revenue meetings to be held from 15th July in the regions of the State. Next dates will be announced soon. Hyderabad has been highly affected by the rains and he requested companies to give work from home to employees for time being.

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