Telangana Rains cause floods in Godavari Basin

Telangana State, mainly North Telangana regions including Hyderabad have been receiving continuous rainfall from Friday. Total aggregate rainfall has gone up to 300mm in the few regions of the state. This is a sign of impending danger.

Many projects, dams have been receiving flood water from tributaries, near by lakes and catchment areas. The water storage facilities that are in construction and recently constructed are under huge pressure due to the amount of water inflow. Most of them have been releasing record cusecs of water into Godavari River.

At Bhadrachalam, officials have given third floor warning and the indications are there for massive floods to effect Godavari Basin in coming days. AP Government is monitoring along with Telangana Government. In Nirmal, Adilabad, Jagityala, near Sri Ramsagar project, the flood water has been recorded to be the highest ever.

Hyderabad city has received 100 years highest rainfall and Miralam lake has been overflowing now. Even the Usman Sagar and Himayath Sagar have been overflowing. Looking at the situation, Telangana Government has announced holidays for educational institutions till Saturday.

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