Telangana Film Chamber against Producers’ Guild Strike

Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce has been formed after Telangana state has been formed by Central Government to give Telangana filmmakers and producers a separate identity along with Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce. Telugu film producers have formed a Producers’ Guild with active producers who regularly produce films.

Producers’ Guild has announced strike while Producers Council reserved their decision and later left it to Chamber of Commerce. Telangana Chamber of Commerce has been against this decision and now, they have announced that they would not let the shootings to be halted from 1st August, as per Producers’ Guild decision.

Pratani Ramakrishna Goud, Telangana Chamber Chairman, talked at the press meet conducted at Chamber of Commerce office and stated that they won’t permit the strike and shootings should happen as per previously decided schedules.

He accused some producers in the guild for increasing the remunerations of the actors and even ticket price hikes. He asked them to resolve situation by meetings, conversations, talks and not by strikes. Guild did not respond to his comments.

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