Teaser Impression: Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam

Allari Naresh seems to have started a journey to drop “Allari” from his name and be known as “Edara Naresh”. As his comedy films have not worked for more than 8 years post Sudigadu, he accepted a good role in Maharishi and then made a serious film like Naandhi.

Taking it forward, he came up with Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam now. The film team released a teaser on his occasion of his birthday on 30th June. The teaser showcases the story idea and then hero’s struggle. Him getting beaten up by village people and even by police gives an idea about what director wants to showcase in this film.

At the same time, the plot brings to your memory, a film like Newton and Citizen where the existence of a village is only known post the hero’s acts. In Newton, hero is an election officer and him conducting an election becomes the major plot. Here, that clarity is yet to be arrived at.

AR Mohan seems to be going for a story that is more like Ankuram meets Jaitra Yatra. We have to wait for the release trailer to see, if that is the case. For now, the teaser looks different from many regular films and hope to see new Naresh shining bright again with his performance. Happy Birthday to Edara Naresh!

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