Taliban shadow-bans Afghan women from working at office

Taliban government of Afghanistan has give ultimatum to women of the nation to not go to offices and work. They have given orders to send their men to work. The government has given official orders as per their wish.

The Guardian has given a news story stating that Afghan women are being harassed by getting demoted and parity in pay has increased also. One woman government employee has reportedly said that her salary has been decreased to 12,000 Afghan pounds while she used to draw 60,000 Afghan pounds before Talibans came into power.

She also stated that the officials have asked her to send her husband or men from her family to work. She stated that she had been working in the position for past 15 years. Less qualified men are being appointed in place of such qualified women. Also, officials have been shadow banning the entry of women into the offices stated the employee.

She has been finding it difficult to run her family and pay fees of her son too. But Taliban government sees women coming out of house as “Haram” and hence, they have been forcing them to stay at home as housemakers.

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