Suzhal – The Vortex Web Series Review

Kathir, Aishwarya Rajesh, Radhakrishnan Parthiban, Sriya Reddy

Written by Pushkar-Gayatri
Edited by Richard Kevin
Cinematography by Mukeswaran
Music by Sam C.S.
Directed by Bramma G., Anucharan Murugalyan
Created by Pushkar-Gayatri
Production Company: Amazon Prime Video

Suzhal – The Vortex is a web-series from Amazon Prime Video in collaboration with makers of Vikram Vedha. It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video from 17th June. Pushkar and Gayatri wrote and created the series. Let’s discuss how it is…

The series has an unique storyline and the investigate drama gets gripping with each episode. It majorly deals with a village whose belief on God gives raise to violence in the name of festivities and tradition.

Without hurting popular sentiments, the series keeps you hooked with the performances and dares to ask you some key questions about how tradition has been blinding us towards some practices that needs to be stopped with immediate effect. Vortex means a circle that spins very fast grabbing everything surrounding it into it. This series is like that as the episodes progress, every character gets sucked into the mystery and then the revelation also spellbinds us. Writing from Pushkar and Gayatri duo needs to be praised as they are in top form again as they showed us in Vikram Vedha.

Performances by Kathir, Sriya Reddy, Aishwarya Rajesh, Pathiban needs to be praised for the kind of sincerity they show towards their characters and the written material. Technical departments have also given their best possible output in this dark yet gripping series. Directors have come up with very engaging tone and saw that the intensity never dips down. It is must watch for those who love this genre.

Gripping Screenplay
Performances from the cast
Technical values
Effective Narration

Gore elements
Sensitive elements that could affect children

Bottom Line: A must watch!

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