Supreme Court slams Telangana Government

Supreme Court of India slammed Telangana State Government for not paying Rs. 2.5 lakhs fine in Scheduled Tribe reservations case on 7th June. Review petition about denying reservations to STs in Girijana or Tribal areas about Teacher posts has come to court on the day.

Judge bench looked at the case and asked Telangana Government to first pay the amount pending and then talk about the case. Previously, United Andhra Pradesh state, then government gave a Government Order giving 100% reservations to STs in the tribal areas i terms of teacher posts.

A petition has been filed challenging this order in Supreme Court and the bench cancelled the GO as unconstitutional and asked the state government to pay Rs. 5 lakhs as fine. By then, AP has been divided into two states.

Supreme Court bench asked both the states – new AP and Telangana to pay half the amount each. AP government paid the amount but Telangana government did not. Hence, Supreme Court directed Government to pay the fine before proceeding any further. They gave the government two weeks time. As a review petition has been filed, lawyers of Telangana government stated that they have been waiting for the judgement. Judge bench asked Government to first pay the fine.

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