Supreme Court removes stigma attached to “Sex Workers”

Indian Supreme Court in a sensational judgement stated that sex workers should neither be interfered with or bullied by police any further. Consenting and adult sex workers should not be abused by police and society said Court.

It further stated that Sex Workers are professionals and they should be given that respect. SC further directed Media to not publish raid pics to save dignity of the sex workers. It also directed police to not physically abuse or harass or arrest sex workers any further as they recognize it as a profession.

Sexually assaulted sex workers should get rights like the victims of rape and sexual abuse, stated the court. Court further noted that every individual has a dignity of life and no one has any right to interfere in that.

Well, with this ground-breaking judgement SC reinstated the rights of sex workers that are usually denied. But those who take advantage of these directions should always be brought before the law.

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