Summer brings the “Avakaya season” in Telugu States

You are not a Telugu household person if you have never tasted Gongura pickle and Avakaya pickle. There are certain other food items like Gutti Vankaya Kura, Chepala Pulusu, Kobbari Pacchadi, Royyala Vepudu and certain others to add to the definitive tastes of Telugu cuisine but Avakaya and Gongura, Magaya tops all.

No matter you are a vegetarian or a non- vegetarian, the love for these two pickles remain common among the Telugu households. It is actual pleasure for Telugu people to eat the rice mixed in the bowl used prepare Avakaya pickle after transferring it into a ceramic bowl (Jaadi), to store it for the year.

At times, Telugu people love to eat only Avakaya and Dal rice in lunch and dinner, that is how much people love the mango pickle. We have entered into such time of the year when the Telugu households have started preparing the pickle and people sharing the images on social media to share their excitement.

Yes, it is almost like people getting excited about a big star movie release. The love for this pickle and ghee keeps transferring to next generations and when you taste it once, you cannot really give up on it. Just find the right recipe to follow and you’re set for life! For all Telugu people the famous ad slogan can be re-written like this, “Have a Meal, Have an Avakaya Ghee/Dal Rice!”

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