Stock Market Updates: BSE gains over 1000 points

On Wednesday, Stock Markets have recovered after falling prey for bear run. Now, it started re-correcting and gaining the lost ground. BSE started trading with gains above the previous closing 55,816.32 at 56,267.55 points.

It kept trading above the previous closing mark and never back peddled. It kept going upwards and hit the highest at 56,914.22 mark. The lowest mark is at 56,236.45, still it is above the previous closing mark.

BSE trading session ended with 1041.47 points gain over previous closing on Thursday. Nifty also gained over 287.80 points above previous closing. It started trading at 16,774.85 and hit high mark at 16,947.65. Nifty closed the day at 16,929.60 mark.

India Rupee traded at Rs.79.70 against US Dollar. As Fed restricted increase in Basis points to 75 and traders anticipated it could be 100 but it has been below that. Hence, American markets showed positive growth and that helped Indian markets to recover as well.

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