Stock Market Updates: BSE gains 629 points

Indian Stock Market updates have been recovering from losses. From Monday, the bull run has been making profits for the traders. With International markets performing well and recovering, the Sensex has continued gaining continuously for fourth day.

On Wednesday, BSE SENSEX has gained 629.91 points and Nifty improved by 154.70. BSE started the day at 55,486.12 and continued to hit high at 55,630.26. It ended the day at 55,397.53.

During the trading session, BSE has hit low at 55,298.23. It closed at 54,767.62 on Tuesday. Stock markets have been trending in positive gains all day and the 629.91 points gain has made traders hope for the bull run to continue even further.

But Rupee value has decreased further and traded at Rs.79.99 against US Dollar. Experts are predicting that the recent bull run will continue till the end of next week.

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